Lost In Transaction: The Podcast for the Economically Curious

Welcome to Lost in Transaction, the intriguing podcast that takes you on a journey into the fascinating worlds of economics, finance, and markets.

Lost In Transaction: The Podcast for the Economically Curious

We believe that economics is not just about numbers and charts – it's about people, decisions, and the unseen forces that bind them. And we’re on a mission to make this world accessible and engaging for all, regardless of background or expertise.

Our Journey

We dive beneath the surface of conventional wisdom, shining a light on hidden forces, challenging common perceptions, and exploring paradoxes. Each episode unravels complex economic concepts and market forces, encouraging listeners to rethink what they thought they knew about the world around them.

Our Vision

Through interactive discussions and interviews with industry experts, we foster an engaging learning environment that sparks curiosity, fuels conversation, and offers fresh perspectives on established economic principles.

Our Community

This is more than just a podcast. Lost in Transaction is a community of curious minds, passionate about exploring and understanding the intricacies of our economic landscape.

You, our listeners, are the driving force behind this podcast. Your shares, conversations, and ideas keep us going. We invite you to join the conversation here on Substack, where we dive deeper into each topic and foster dialogue with our audience.

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Welcome to Lost in Transaction.

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Uncovering unseen economic forces, exploring paradoxes & challenging what we thought we knew. The podcast for the economically curious.


Curious explorer of economic enigmas. Founder and host of Lost in Transaction, unearthing unseen forces shaping our financial world.